Fluffy white clouds make me restless, rain makes me happy and snow makes me sad. I’m terrified of calm water, but once went swimming in hurricane waves. I have a little black dress, but no little black book. I’m not Italian, but I make a killer marinara. I prefer white wines to reds–no matter how unfashionable that may be. I have a weakness for music and movies produced before 1945, houses built before 1930, European cut diamonds, Bulmers Irish Cider and small Irish seaside towns. I am addicted to salt and Lyons Gold Blend tea.  I like to share good food and science fiction and to beat people mercilessly at Mario Kart. I believe only lust happens at first sight; love takes time, but a great kiss can definitely put you on the right path.

I was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary emboli on October 27, 2010; in November of the same year, I was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden which, combined with birth control pills and transatlantic flights, likely caused the PE. After six months of anticoagulant therapy, the clots in my lungs were finally gone. To this day, I still get very nervous whenever I have a cough or pain in my chest.

On 7/7/11 I was the third hostage taken by Rodrick Dantzler in a home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He had killed 7 people that day and ultimately took his own life.

It’s clear to me that I am probably lucky to be alive.

It is my opinion that most Americans have an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and it’s no wonder the rest of the world thinks we’re all fat, lazy and spoiled. We’re the bully on the global playground and I’m never surprised when someone wants to kick the bully’s ass.

I quit a corporate job and spent June and July of 2010 working as the Locations Assistant for the PBS/Sprout television show, Noodle and Doodle. I spent 18+ months freelancing and had a lot of fun abridging Heather McDonald’s book You’ll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again for audio production. I spent a year and a half planning events for an auction company, but they eliminated my position in June of 2013. I worked for an amazing tech company and we built a drawing app that was named “Best New App” an “Editors Choice” by the Apple App Store in 2015– two weeks later, corporate decided not to build software anymore and closed our office to focus on the hardware side of the business. I’ve been back to freelancing ever since.

I always intended to be a writer; that’s why I write here.