Oscar Wilde once wrote, “Put your talent into your work, but your genius into your life”.

I don’t feel like I’m doing either.

I need to start something new; something bigger than a silly little blog that nobody reads.

I need to start the Oz Project.

I was obsessed with the OZ books as soon as I could read. The whole idea of a little girl being swept away by a storm to a land of far more interest than her home appealed to me. Just like Dorothy, I wanted to get away from the life that seemed so plain. I wanted to escape the evil adults trying to force the silly dreams out of my head. I wanted to find a place where magic didn’t just exist, it thrived.

In the first map of Oz that L. Frank Baum ever published, he included geography of Oz and the surrounding areas. All of those other places were eventually visited in subsequent Oz books–all except for one. One place with borders on Deadly Desert, the land of the Growleywogs, Boboland, and the Ripple Land was never visited; this place was called the Kingdom of Dreams.

Soon you will meet Emerald Constance McFadden and she will take you there.